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Wavensmere Homes: Leading the Urban Renewal and Housing Development in the Midlands
Jul 10, 2024
Wavensmere Homes: Leading the Urban Renewal and Housing Development in the Midlands London
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Abstract: Wavensmere Homes is actively seeking undeveloped land exceeding three acres in city centers and towns across the Midlands to initiate new residential construction projects. Based in Birmingham, the developer plans to deliver 1,000 homes annually, targeting historically significant and challenging sites as their preferred choices.

James Dickens, Managing Director of the company, emphasized, "For us, having historically rich and previously overlooked land is the most attractive option." He noted that while these lands are complex, through land assembly, planning, and preliminary construction works, they can significantly support future housing demands.

Currently, Wavensmere Homes holds 3,500 plots in production and planning centers, aiming to increase their annual turnover from £115 million in 2024 to approximately £250 million. Dickens welcomed the new government's commitment to accelerating land development processes but stressed that local-level reforms would take time to implement.

He continued, "We have deep insights into the East and West Midlands counties. Our management team and supply chain partners are mostly based here, accumulating extensive business experience and maintaining close collaboration with local governments."

Wavensmere Homes is currently undertaking significant development projects across multiple locations. This includes the transformation of the former Derby Royal Hospital into the £175 million Florence Nightingale Quarter, comprising 925 homes, apartments, The Pepperpot restaurant, and various resident facilities. The hospital has been abandoned for a decade since its design by Florence Nightingale.

Wavensmere Homes: Leading the Urban Renewal and Housing Development in the Midlands


Additionally, the company has secured approval from Amber Valley Borough Council for the £22 million Milford Mills redevelopment project. Located between Belper and Duffield in northern Derbyshire, adjacent to the River Derwent, this historically significant land within the Derwent Valley Mills UNESCO World Heritage site is expected to provide approximately 69 new homes.

In Derby city center, Wavensmere Homes has received planning approval for the £75 million Monk's Bridge Goods Yard project. Starting in 2026, this project will offer 276 residences and apartments, each equipped with electric vehicle charging facilities, air source heat pumps, and solar photovoltaic panels to promote the production and use of environmentally friendly energy.

Furthermore, Derby City Council is currently evaluating the company's redevelopment plans for the final vacant lot in Derby's New Cathedral Quarter. The proposal includes the construction of 195 studios, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom apartments designed within a modern nine-story red brick building.

Recently, Wavensmere Homes also partnered with BBS Capital to submit a comprehensive planning application to Cheltenham Borough Council for the redevelopment of the North Place surface car park located within the town center conservation area. Named Arkle Court, the project is expected to provide 153 residences and apartments.

Finally, the company unveiled plans for Wolverhampton Canalside South, a 17.5-acre former industrial area facing the Wyrley & Essington Canal and Birmingham Mainline Canal. This ecology-centered development project includes over 500 residential units and various commercial facilities such as shared office spaces, screening rooms, community gardens, as well as fitness and gaming spaces.

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Wavensmere Homes: Leading the Urban Renewal and Housing Development in the Midlands
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