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Housing association completes 77 affordable homes in Islington
Sep 16, 2023
Housing association completes 77 affordable homes in Islington London
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Abstract: Housing association Peabody and partner Berkeley Group have completed 77 'affordable' homes at 250 City Road, Islington.

Peabody will lease 314 'affordable' homes from Berkeley, who led the construction of 933 new homes. This includes 132 social rented homes, 170 shared ownership homes and 14 assisted living homes.

The 77 new homes are the final social rented homes in Phase 2 of the development and will be delivered in the coming weeks.

James McMylor, Peabody's Managing Director for North London, said: "Thanks to our partners at Berkeley, we have built 77 much-needed new homes for local residents in Islington. We have already provided 135 high quality affordable homes for local residents, totalling 312.

250 City Road has many advantages, with its prime location connecting residents to the rest of London and surrounding areas. Our new residents have already started viewing homes and we look forward to welcoming them in a few weeks' time.

Housing association completes 77 affordable homes in Islington

The new neighbourhood is centred around a central square with cafes, restaurants and shops. Public art installations will be located throughout, the first of which has been completed by renowned sculptor Ian Rank-Broadley, who created the famous Princess Diana sculpture in Kensington Gardens.

The property boasts over 1,000 square metres of newly landscaped green space with wireless internet access, as well as an expansive green roof overlooking the city.

The homes will be served by an on-site energy plant room which will provide an efficient energy supply for the whole neighbourhood while reducing energy waste and carbon emissions.

Some 1,483 secure cycle parking spaces have also been installed throughout the project.

Brian McKenzie, Managing Director of Berkeley's North East London Division, added: "Berkeley is committed to delivering thriving neighbourhoods and creating places to suit all lifestyles.

250 City Road is an exceptional development and we are delighted to have included a high proportion of affordable housing in this development.

As well as providing a range of open spaces where residents can live, work and relax within the development, 250 City Road is just a few minutes' walk from Tech City's global brands and the dining, hotel and retail offerings of Old Street, Islington and Clerkenwell.

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Housing association completes 77 affordable homes in Islington
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